Guidelines for Submission of Photos to ECC Meetings

Paid-in-full club members can submit photos for display during our meetings. Members will receive an email several days before each meeting asking them to email back their photos in three categories for that meeting. At the present, we allow each member to submit up to 6 photos for each meeting, in whatever combination of the categories they wish (most people submit 2 in each category).

Please follow these guidelines for all photos submitted to meetings:

The three categories of photos displayed during each meeting are:

  1. The first category rotates through four topics, one each month, so each topic returns every four months. Those four topics are:
  2. The second category is Special Assignment

  3. The third category is Very Best

At our annual Christmas Pizza Party, we do things a little differently. We each submit 15 photographs taken during that year, of any category or subject, named as "01 Title LastName FirstName" through "15 Title LastName FirstName". In this way, we cycle through everyone's first photo, followed by everyone's second photo, and so on. Many people try to submit photos they haven't yet shown at a club meeting, but this isn't a hard-and-fast rule.