Guidelines for Submission of Photos at ECC Meetings

Members receive an email several days before each meeting asking them to email back their photos in three subject areas for that meeting. The photos should be either 960 or 2048 pixels on the long edge, and should be named properly so our photos will appear in proper order during the meeting's slide show. We suggest that you leave EXIF data in your photos in case there are queries during the meeting about aperture or shutter speed. The three subject areas are:
  1. One subject area rotates through four categories, one each month, so each category returns every four months. Those four categories are
  2. The second subject area is called "Very Best" and allows you to submit any photo you'd like. Name these as "VB 01 LastName FirstName Title".
  3. The third subject is called "Special Assignment", and is a subject that we decide upon as a group at a previous meeting. Recent examples of these include "Paint on the Wall", "Panorama", "Night Lights", "Piles of Things", "Arches", "Portraits", and "Autumn". These subjects can help you expand your skills to areas other than the ones you typically shoot. Name these as "SA 01 LastName FirstName Title".

In the filenames, Title is optional in all categories. LastName is your own last name, and FirstName is your own first name. If you submit more than one photo in a category, change the "01" near the beginning of the filename to "02", "03", etc.

At our annual Christmas Pizza Party, we do things a little differently. We each submit 20 photographs taken during that year, named as "01 LastName FirstName Title" through "20 LastName FirstName Title". In this way, we cycle through everyone's first photo, followed by everyone's second photo, and so on.