ECC Slide Show Instructions

To submit a photo for the rotating slide show on our web page, members should email the photo in jpg format to our Webmaster. Photos should be 400 pixels tall, and must have been taken by the member.

Unless the filename begins with a dollar sign ($), the filename will be displayed under the photo, so if you wish, you can name your files with your name, a hyphen, and a title, but this is just an example.

Photos will be shown in the order of newest submissions first, and photos will be automatically deleted once they are not one of the 50 most recent submissions. To have one removed earlier, just email our Webmaster with the filename to remove.

Photos deemed inappropriate for the web site (for example, nudes), or filenames deemed inappropriate for the web site (for example, swear words or slander) will be rejected, solely at the disgression of the webmaster.