Eastside Camera Club - Upcoming Events

What:Virtual Meeting via Zoom
When:Thursday, October 22, 2020, 6:30 PM until about 9:00 PM
How to attend:A few minutes before 6:30 PM on October 22nd, please click this link to enter the meeting. You might be asked for the password, which is 158048. In case you need it, the meeting ID is 826 1295 3409. The Host ID, which is needed if someone in the club needs to become host of the meeting (to share a screen, for example) is 583671.

If you're having trouble setting up or using Zoom, please call Glen Suszko or Jeff Bondono and we'll try to help.

Changes to
photograph naming:
We are trying out a different photo-naming scheme for this meeting so the photos will be shown in a more random order instead of alphabetically by last name (Bondono always first, Suszko always last). Please put the Title before the LastName FirstName, rather than after. You can still omit the title if you'd prefer -- then your photos will be shown wherever your last name fits between everyone else's title.
This meeting's Categories: 1. Monochrome (black and white, with one additional color permitted): Name these photos using the format
  • MO 01 Title LastName FirstName
  • MO 02 Title LastName FirstName
  • etc. Title is optional.

2. Special Assignment ("Cemetaries"): Name these photos using the format

  • SA 01 Title LastName FirstName
  • SA 02 Title LastName FirstName
  • etc. Title is optional.

3. Very Best (whatever photo(s) you consider your best): Name these photos using the format

  • VB 01 Title LastName FirstName
  • VB 02 Title LastName FirstName
  • etc. Title is optional.
Limits:Each member can submit up to 9 photos to be shown at this meeting, in whatever combination of categories they wish. For example, you can submit 3 Monochrome, 4 Special Assignments, and 2 Very Best. Or you can submit 9 Very Bests and nothing else.
How to submit photos:Photos must be e-mailed to Jeff Bondono (jeff.bondono@gmail.com) by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, October 21, 2020. Photos will look best at the club meeting if you export as 2048 pixels on the long edge.