How to Add Your Photos to the "Submitted Photos" Slide Show for a Meeting

If you'd like, you can add the photos you submitted for a meeting to the "Submitted Photos" slide show on this web site for that meeting on the "Past Meetings" tab. You can submit as few or as many of the photos you showed at that meeting as you'd like.

To do so, just email the photos you'd like displayed on the meeting's "Submitted Photos" slide show to The photos should be sized and named exactly like the photos you submitted to Glenn for the meeting (naming rules are described here). You can just forward the email you sent to Glenn with your photos (you'll probably find it in your email program's "Sent Mail" folder), or you can compose a new email with the photos you want to have displayed.

As long as you follow the naming rules, the slide show will appear in the same order as it was during the meeting. If everyone would submit their meeting photos to the web site, we'd have a permanent archive of the meeting slide shows, perfect for showing your spouse or friends the photos everyone showed during the meeting.

As an aside, if you click the "Help" link on the right edge of any slide show, you can learn how to see the EXIF data for any photo (assuming the EXIF data was included in the submitted photo), so this can be useful to learn the settings someone used for a particularly good shallow-depth-of-field or motion-blur photo.

If any of the photos you submit were taken during a group shoot that I am aware of, I'll also add it to the appropriate slide show on the "Past Group Shoots" tab. (Please email if I screw something up and fail to add your photo to a Group Shoot slide show.)

If you're submitting photos for other than the most recent meeting (and you're indeed welcome to go back as far as you'd like), please let me know the year and month of the meeting you're sending photos from. Only one meeting per email or my head might explode.

If you want your photos removed from the web site, just email with the year and month of the meeting, and I'll remove your photos from that meeting. If you only want one or some of that meeting's photos removed, include the filename(s) to remove.

By the way, for your own protection, I'd strongly prefer that you submit photos with no more than 2048 pixels on the wide edge, and include your copyright information. I'd also appreciate if you include All Metadata in your photos (removing Person Info and Location Info is fine) so others can see your camera settings in the EXIF data, and so your Caption will display if you type one in.