ECC Library Print Competition Entries

Fourteen members submitted two photographs each for our ECC Mt Clemens Library Print Competition. Thanks for all the participation!

The title shown below the 28 photos you're about to see each begin with a 2-digit number, 01 through 28. Pick out the 6 photos you think are best for donating to the library, and email their 2-digit numbers to You are allowed to vote for your own photos if you wish, and each member can vote only once for their favorite 6 photos.

Remember, you can stop the automatic slide show by clicking on (or touching) a photo, then use your right and left arrow keys (or swipe) to navigate manually through the photos, or you might prefer to use the Thumbnails button that appears when you stop the slide show to switch to a page with small versions of all the photos. Please email if you have any problems viewing the photos or suggestions for improving our photo viewer.

Click here for the photos, pick your 6 favorites, and email their 2-digit numbers to

Voting closed on April 5th, 2020. We had a two-photo tie for 6th place, so held a run-off election between those two photos.

Here are the final 6 top-vote-getters that we will print, frame and display in the library.